Premature Ejaculation Cure

Is there such thing as a premature ejaculation Cure? Is premature ejaculation treatment the Holy Grail of hundreds of thousands of men worldwide?
Well, maybe it is the Holy Grail, but a cure certainly is out there. Through my years writing about this subject and after helping thousands of men who suffer with premature ejaculation, I have come to realise that although several cures are available, each man wants something different. This means that although the treatments for premature ejaculation are out there, no single cure is right for each man. The premature ejaculation cures can be split into 3 groups; 1) Long term total control2) Hypnosis3) Pills I will discuss each in turn and give a frank assessment of their strengths and weaknesses. Long term control of Premature Ejaculation:

This is the best technique to cure the problem as it focuses on understanding your body, the way it works, the causes of premature ejaculation, and more importantly how you can control it. This ‘treatment’ is usually administered through knowledge. As you learn about your body you can control it.

It does need commitment from user to follow steps, takes time to see the full effects (up to 30 days) and some techniques need practice! However, the effects are much longer term (often permanent), you are in total control, there are no side effects and some techniques can be used immediately.

Most men who use this treatment for their premature ejaculation are most satisfied purely for its long term prospects and better understanding of the body and its PE condition.

Hypnosis to cure Premature Ejaculation:

Hypnosis is no longer the domain of stage performers or back street medical practices. The true value of hypnosis as a wide reaching treatment is still yet to be appreciated but I have use it for years to treat both myself and hundreds of men with premature ejaculation issues.

To cure PE the normal method is to use self hypnosis as it can be embarrassing for the sufferer to go to see a ‘real’ hypnotist. The effects however are the same.

Self Hypnosis is also a long term solution and can be ‘topped up’ simply by re-using the self hypnosis script that is played on a CD player or MP3 player. It works by altering your whole mindset with regards to sex and premature ejaculation, has no side effects and can have immediate effects. For some it is a simple quick fix that works. Having said that, men who use this technique do not get an understanding of their problem or their body and so isn’t as ‘organic’ as the previous treatment.

Pills as a Premature Ejaculation treatment:

Notice I write the word ‘treatment’ for premature ejaculation rather than ‘cure’. Taking pills will solve the problem not the cause. For some men though, that is fine. They just want to last longer in bed and a pill is a simple and easy treatment to their issue.

I would never recommend buying pills from online pharmacies. You need to see a doctor for these pills to be prescribed. However, herbal versions of premature ejaculation pills are available and work fantastically. They are taken with minimal fuss, have no side effects, work within 30 minutes, and not only cure the PE problem, also give you increased sex drive and other sexual benefits. Again, the drawbacks are that you are not understanding your body or premature ejaculation causes, and they are a quick fix for the underlying problem.

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