Bladder Problems In Men – Old Guys Take A Fall

Bladder Problems In Men – Old Guys Take A Fall

December 26, 2019 206 By pettm582

Incontinence is often thought of as a condition that affects women but an interesting study from the San Diego Medical Center reveals that bladder problem in men, particularly older men can have some very serious consequences.

Once you get past the age of 65 you start worrying more and more about falling as that is the number one disabling accident of the elderly. In the San Diego study it was discovered that men with severe bladder problems tended to have more falls than men without the problem. In fact over a quarter of the men in the study with severe bladder issues reported falling at least once during the study and ten percent reported falling two times or more.

What was causing these phenomena? Well the quick answer is urge issues. If the bladder can’t hold it the men would rush to get to a restroom and that resulted in a fall. That becomes particularly problematic at night when hallways are dark, the man is in a rush and the hallway or carpet can become an obstacle course.

Speaking of night, the constant going during the hours that would normally be spent sleeping could leave the man sleep deprived which lessens his sense of balance and reaction time and can cause a fall that is not related to a rush for the bathroom. Surprisingly, men with mild bladder problems did not report any falls and did not report having urges to urinate that they couldn’t control within reason.

Falls are serious health risks for the elderly and if you are an elderly man or you know one with a bladder problem, it is very important that you get to the doctor and see what can be done to cure or at least effectively manage the problem. Bladder problems in men, particularly severe bladder issues, can be a very serious health issue.